Buying weed in Barcelona as a tourist

When planning your cannabis tour to Spain, it’s better to learn the question of buying weed throughout not to get in trouble. Here is a detailed and full weed guide for marijuana tourists all over the world who is going to visit sunny Barcelona (read more about cannabis events and exhibitions in Barcelona). So, let’s not only clarify if tourists can legally buy weed in Barcelona Spain as a foreigner but find out some crucial aspects and nuances of the topic in the article.

Is Weed Legal In Spain?

It’s a quite complicated issue and if you want to make your weed tour legal and safe, then you are to learn the rules first. Here we are to guide you through the laws and other aspects so that you can avoid any problems while visiting Barcelona.

Marijuana Laws In Barcelona

When it comes to the legal status of weed in Barcelona, a lot of tourists feel dizzy, because there is no straightforward answer. To make it clear, let’s just take a closer look at the main Barcelona cannabis laws and clarify The very first thing is to understand the main legal status of weed. So, it can be:

  • Legalized – when consumption/production/sale of cannabis becomes legal.
  • Decriminalized – when the criminal penalties are loosened, yet, the consumption/production/sale of weedremains illegal.
  • Depenalized – when consumption/production/sale/possession of cannabis materials remains a criminal offense, but without a punishment applied.

Cannabis legal status in Barcelona is decriminalized and legalized. That means cannabis is prohibited for commercial use and regulated for personal use. So, in nutshell, according to Spanish laws on cannabis:


  • It’s illegal to sell/buy cannabis products;
  • It’s forbidden to carry weed with you;
  • Smoking weed in public is illegal;
  • It’s is prohibited to possess/store weed;
  • Cultivation of weed for commercial use is banned.


  • Medicinal weed usage is allowed in private areas and limited cannabis-derived pharmaceuticals;
  • Cultivation of 2 plants at home is allowed;
  • Recreational weed is legal when used in private placement and for own consumption only;
  • Membership in a cannabis clubs is permitted and you can legally buy weedthere;
  • It’s legal to smoke weed in Spain within the walls of smoking clubs.

There is one more question left. How old do you have to be to buy weed in Spain? Social cannabis clubs accept people who achieve a legal adult age of 18-21+. Thus, the age to buy weed in Spain depends on the cannabis club you join.

Weed Tourism

International legal weed tourism becomes a common thing. Thus, Amsterdam is a pretty famous place for recreational weed tourism. Yet, Barcelona weed tourism gains its momentum. Barcelona becomes one of the most popular 420 tourism destinations in Europe. That’s because of the high quality of Spanish weed.

However, unlike Amsterdam, there are no coffee shops in Spain but there are “private social clubs”. If you don’t see the difference, here is a short vocabulary to make it clear for you.

  • Cannabis Social Clubs are closed non-profit organizations for members only;
  • Weed clubs/weed shops are slang expressions in weed culture for all the marijuana establishments;
  • Cannabis cafes are American regulated locations for adult cannabis users like restaurants with weed products included in the menu;
  • Coffee shops are open places like cannabis shops in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) with marijuana openly sold;
  • Cannabis dispensaries are counters/bars with a wide cannabis assortment of weed products.

So, if you’re a weed tourist, then keep reading the article to learn how to join it.

Tourists in Barcelona

Can A Tourists Buy Weed In Barcelona Spain?

So, is it possible to buy weed in Spain as a tourist? Yes, you can, because cannabis clubs accept tourists. However, if you know nothing or little about the cannabis culture in Barcelona then the risk is high that you can get in trouble.

Before any mistake is made by the majority of marijuana tourists, let’s clarify some crucial things that you shouldn’t do:

  • Don’t buy weed from street dealers – you never know if they are undercover cops or it’s a mugging that is a regular thing in Barcelona. Bear in mind, real and respected cannabis clubs are not allowed to do promotions AT ALL.
  • Don’t smoke weed in public places – do it at social cannabis clubs or at home.
  • Don’t carry marijuana around the city – better save the remaining weed at the social club’s dispensary until your next visit. In case, you have decided to take it with you then put it in your underwear.
  • Never carry any suitcase with you when visiting cannabis clubs, police might think that you are a weed dealer.
  • Don’t sponsor a membership for strangers on the street to avoid your membership being canceled. And don’t ask people to do that for you too.

5 Requirements By The Clubs So Tourists Can Buy Weed

Before buying weed in Barcelona, Spain, it’s highly important to get a membership in one of the cannabis clubs. However, receiving a membership is only half of the way so that you can buy weed, cannabis, hash, or any other products. Marijuana buying clubs have certain rules that you should know and follow.

Though the fact that not only citizens of Barcelona or residents of Spain can join cannabis clubs but tourists are also welcome, membership is a strict requirement to mind. So, to join any social club you need:

  1. Provide the address of the apartment or hotel you stay in;
  2. Be a legal adult age of 18-21+;
  3. Provide identification documents with a photo to prove that you’re not a cheater;
  4. Show the invitation or be sponsored by any member of the club to get aboard;
  5. Pay 20-50 euros in cash (annual membership fee – so plan your budget).

Where To Buy Weed In Barcelona Legal?

It’s highly recommended to stay away from illegal stuff and follow the weed rules. It’s for your best experience while staying in Barcelona. Just remember that it’s unlawful to buy weed on the street. Thus, it’s better to avoid street promoters and don’t accept invitations on the street to visit a "coffeeshop" or a "cannabis club". It’s better for your health and wealth to find a regulated smoking club with a strong reputation and apply for membership. Just do that beforehand.

How To Get Weed In Barcelona

Knowing where to buy weed in Barcelona, it’s the right time to find out how to do that. Keep in mind that “buying” weed is illegal in Barcelona, that’s why you can “get” or “have” it inside the cannabis club. As a cannabis club member, you contribute to the weed growth by the association. Yes, from now on the word “buy” is not allowed in terms of weed, because it’s not a weedstore, but a members’ association. Just forget it and don’t use it.

find cannabis in Barcelona

Price Of Weed In Spain

The highlight of cannabis clubs in Barcelona is the wide choice of marijuana products (both CBD and THC) and various tools for consumption in the assortment for sale. The majority of smoking clubs offer joints/pre-rolls, hashish, extracts, wax, sensimilla, concentrates, weed edibles, and many more. Living in the digital era, it’s not surprising that a lot of tourists would like to order weed online, yet, this option is not available in Barcelona. Thus, you are to visit the social club by yourself to get some marijuana.

Best Place For Weed Tourism

Since now, you know that the best way to get weed in Barcelona as a tourist is to join one of the clubs, it’s time to find how to choose the best association before your travel. The Spanish cannabis industry is pretty big – there are 250+ clubs in every neighborhood of Barcelona.

The very first piece of advice is to look for the closest place to your accommodation. And there are at least two reasons for that:

  • When getting high, it’ll be easier for you to get home;
  • It’s better if you decide to carry weed to your place.

However, all the clubs are unique. It’s quite possible that you wish to try the full experience and see the weed culture in Barcelona by joining one or another association. A weed map will help you with this. There you can find the addresses and find the social media accounts/websites of the clubs you’re interested in.

Knowing that some of the associations are real social clubs where you can meet people, play games, watch TV/shows, work, and so on, it’s a pretty useful thing. Herewith, in order to know what each club offers and which one is better to choose exactly for you, you can visit their websites/social media or read reviews on the trusted resources to find a perfect social club just for you.