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The people you’ll meet at Barcelona coffee shops are artists, lawyers, teachers, students, parents, musicians, doctors, bartenders, street performers, pilots, police officers (yup!), politicians, restaurant workers, office workers, laborers,  consultants, the unemployed and in-between jobs, vacationers, foreigners, and many other “normal” types of people just like YOU.


Work, Study, Chat,  Snack at the Top Barcelona Weed Clubs

Barcelona social clubs provide members with safe places to work, study, create, explore, collaborate, and learn, all in the safety and seclusion of a private, members-only cannabis club.  From FREE WiFI to drinks, snacks, and treats, there’s plenty to do at these unique establishments, and you are free to make use of these facilities any time during open hours, and stay as long as you want.

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Safely Access High-Quality Marijuana in Barcelona

The cannabis products available at coffeeshops in Barcelona easily rivals that of Colorado, the Netherlands, California, and Canada.  From perfectly cured flower to tincture, BHO, hash, iceolator, distillates, wax, shatter, and more, you can expect to find safe, well-curated products that do exactly what they’re supposed to: put a perma-grin on your beautiful face.  


Exclusive Private Events at Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

Do you like to dance? Love music? Want to take classes about cannabis?  Enjoy special 420-events like cannabis cups, hash-making sessions, and edibles instruction? Do you like art and fashion shows?  Karaoke and open mic nights?  At the many private cannabis social clubs in Barcelona, you’ll find plenty of Cannabis Culture in this mind-numbingly awesome city.    

Need to Know How to Join a Coffee Shop in Barcelona?

We’ve got you covered, and we do it all FOR FREE

That’s right – we can help you at no cost; all you need to do is pay the membership fee to the cannabis club.  This service and our assistance is safe, professional, and legal thanks to liberal protections afforded to Spanish citizens and others in the country.  

Private cannabis social clubs exist thanks to two Constitutional protections in Spain; the Right to Privacy, and the Right to Association.  Put simply, these Constitutional protections allow people to mostly do as they please in a private setting, and to group together for the purpose of social or professional association.

Because people can grow a few cannabis plants in a private setting under Spanish Constitutional law, and because they also have a right to associate with other people who have similar interests, a cannabis club can form to allow people a safe way to self-provide and share cannabis products within the group. 

So what does it take to join one of these clubs?  

If you meet the following basic requirements, we can sponsor you for membership at a cannabis club in Barcelona:

*You must be 18+ for some clubs, 21+ for others – NO ONE under 18 allowed
*Provide an address in Spain for registration – A friend’s address is okay
*Be an experienced cannabis user – no newbies please, except medical users
*Agree to the terms and conditions of membership (per-club basis)
*Pay a yearly membership fee, usually between 25-50 Euro

And finally, you must have a referral or sponsorship from an existing member.  Because Barcelona’s coffee shops are private by law, you cannot just write to the club or show up at the door to join; you can only enter via a bonafide sponsor.  That’s where we come in.  

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Residency is Not Required

Despite many myths to the contrary, it is NOT necessary to be a resident of Spain to join a private cannabis club.  You do need valid identification, however.  Most Driver’s licenses and passports are acceptable.

Can Tourists Buy Weed in Barcelona?

The Small Yearly Membership Fee Makes the Club Your Castle

For just 25-50 Euro,  you’re entitled to use the cannabis club as much as you want, and you can be in the club for as long as you want, any time during open hours, for one full year.  It’s your castle, and you’re welcome.

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You Can Take Cannabis Products Out of the Club

You can take cannabis products out of the club, but please transport these in your undergarments to retain protection under the Spanish Constitutional Right to Privacy. 

Is Marijuana Legal in Barcelona?

No Waiting Period Required

Only the strictest of Barcelona’s coffeeshops mandate waiting periods.  We don’t work with those clubs, so you won’t have to wait to use the dispensary. – especially if you’re a medical or therapeutic user. 

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Barcelona’s coffee shops are safe, stylish, and fun…

Whether you’re taking a date out for a classy night on the town, or you want to get high with your friends and play billiards or video games, Barcelona’s cannabis club scene is one of the best in the world.  And with hundreds of clubs to choose from, it’s easy to find the best place for quiet time to reflect and relax, or to have that important business meeting or collaboration project.  It’s not just about the cannabis.  

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This is one of the things
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We believe that everyone should be able to safely access cannabis and not have to support the black market.  Before we were members at these Barcelona social clubs, we remember what it was like to be in this astonishingly cool city, yet not have access to the therapeutic, recreational, or medical cannabis that we needed.  So we want to make sure that you don’t have to go without, and that you don’t have to do anything dangerous to get what you need.  And, we want you to have fun, too!  Helping other people safely acquire what they need is something that we love, which has made us really good at it.  Apply for membership now, and find out just how unforgettable your cannabis social club experiences can be – discreetly, and safely.  

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What Our Clients Say

Over the years, we have safely and discreetly qualified and sponsored many people to join coffeeshops in Barcelona.  Because a referral and.or sponsorship is required, some people are apprehensive about joining a cannabis club in Barcelona.  But once they’ve connected with us, they realize an incredible and unforgettable experience.  We’ve helped people from all over the world; Spaniards, Brits, Americans, Canadians, Italians, French people, Poles, Czechs, Germans, and many other people from all walks of life have found safe refuge in our cannabis club connection services.  Check out what our friends, associates, and clients have to say about our services connecting people to Barcelona’s private social clubs:

“What a club! Very nice place, nice people and nice stuff!!! Thank you very much!”

Anonymous Member, UK

“Great spot there. I’ve relaxed for couple of hours, smoked couple of joints and I’ll be back for sure.”

Anonymous Member, France

“Wonderful experience! Thanks again. Such nice folks.”  

Brem M. , India

“I made it to the club and it’s awesome! The staff are super chill and nice!”

Raquel F., Spain

“The place is really nice and nice buds and the Hardalah shit fantastic!”

Craig T., USA

“Club is amazing. The girl at reception (Helena) is great too!”

Anonymous Member, Spain

Join us. It will only take a minute, and your information is 100% protected.  

Our Awesome Network of Barcelona Coffee Shops

We are members of many of the best Barcelona social clubs. However, we don’t work for the clubs; we are only members, just like you will be. So we don’t have any control over the way particular clubs are managed. However, we’ll only sponsor you at cannabis clubs that we know will treat you as we’ve been treated, and we’ll only sponsor you at clubs with clean, high-quality cannabis products.

The social clubs that we are members of are professional clubs; these are not stinky basement clubs or clubs that you’ll see as shady or sketchy. The clubs that we can sponsor you at are premium associations with superior marijuana products and a focus on member relations.

By the way; all of the images on this site are of the actual Barcelona coffeeshops in question. We don’t use stock photos and we don’t need to, because we belong to these clubs and want you to have a reasonable expectation of what you’re getting into by asking to join a Barcelona coffeeshop like the ones below:

Tresor Cannabis Club

A beachside cannabis club

Tresor is one of Barcelona’s newest cannabis clubs, opened by a Board that is deeply connected to the marijuana industry in Spain.  Tresor offers a stunning environment for members to relax and partake of some of the world’s best cannabis products, and all of this is just a 5 minute walk from Barcelona’s beautiful beaches and nightclubs.

Join a Barcelona Cannabis Club Like This

Choko Art & Smoke

A cannabis club for artists

Choko is a club for artists and fashionistas who also happen to make cannabis culture a part of their lives.  Choko is known the world over for developing several of the best cannabis strains available anywhere; Choko, Yuzu, and Tao Pai Pai.  Choko is a massive club, gorgeously decorated with artworks from local talent, usually coming directly from the club’s members.

See More Barcelona Weed Clubs Like This

Mon Ami Cannabis Club

A club for growers, by growers

Mon Ami is a fantastic private Barcelona cannabis club staffed and managed by professional growers.  Before these folks were club owners, they were growers for decades, supplying cannabis networks in the Netherlands and Spain.  The Board took their decades of cultivation skills and belnded them with an eye for design; the result is Mon Ami, an up-and-coming marijuana coffeeshop.

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Acquiring Weed in Barcelona?

Enjoy the best
cannabis products in beautiful environments.

At top Barcelona coffee shops, you can find cannabis flower that rivals that of Colorado, the Netherlands, and California.  The images on this page are just a taste of what we can safely and legally acquire as members of weed clubs in Barcelona.  

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From exquisite cured flower, to flavored hashes…
To shatter, wax, distillates, oils, and more.  

More Barcelona Marijuana Club Options

In Barcelona, there’s a coffee shop for everyone. Some clubs are for intellectuals, some for growers, some for artists, some for skateboarders, some for hip-hop lovers, and more.  No matter who you are, there’s a club that’s right for you.  That doesn’t mean that we are members at everycannabis club in Barcelona, but our connections and sponsorship at one club can help you enter the local cannabis culture and get your foot in the door at other clubs like the ones below:

Blue Magic

Located near all of Barcelona’s top beach-side nightclubs


One of the most social of Barcelona cannabis clubs, Circulo is in El Born

Asociacion Cultura Sativa

A simple club out near the infamous Sagrada Familia site

Club Fum

A huge Barcelona coffee shop with many unique features and benefits


Coffee Shops in Barcelona


Different Marijuana Strains 

6 – 15 Euro

Per gram member share 

There’s something you should know about

Barcelona Coffee Shops

Here in Spain, we don’t call them coffee shops.  We call them cannabis clubs, social clubs, cannabis social clubs, or cannabis associations.  Most people refer to them as “cannabis clubs” here in Barcelona.  Why are these not “coffeeshops?” The main difference is that Barcelona social clubs are private entities; they are not open to the public.  However, thanks to the tolerance of Dutch authorities, for 60 years, most of the world has known about the infamous “coffee shops” of Amsterdam.  This has led to most people referring to our cannabis clubs in Barcelona as “coffeeshops,” because that’s the term that they’re familiar with. 

We built this website with you in mind, so we often use the term “Barcelona Coffee Shop” so that we can help you find the right information.  But for all intents and purposes, these are not coffee shops at all; they’re cannabis social clubs, and they’re a lot different than the coffeeshops of Amsterdam.     

Coffee Shop:

In the cannabis industry, a coffeeshop refers mainly to Dutch public marijuana shops. 


Coffeeshops open to anyone, little to no cannabis culture involved.

Cannabis Social Club:

A private, members-only group for shared production and consumption of cannabis.  


Social clubs only open via referrals from existing members. Clubs are rich with cannabis culture.  

Have Questions? We’re Happy to Help.

This form is not to apply for membership at a Barcelona coffee shop, it’s only for the purpose of asking us a question or for clarification on the membership qualifications or processes.