What is a Barcelona Social Club?

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Barcelona’s social clubs were born nearly 20 years ago after a group of Spanish attorneys decided to test the waters of Spain’s judicial system in relation to the shared consumption principle. They succeeded, achieving what many at the time had thought to be impossible. Since then, the Barcelona cannabis club model has developed into the best cannabis acquisition and consumption model in the world, allowing thousands of members to avoid the black market by actively participating in the social structure of the club system.

As a very basic explanation, when you join a Barcelona cannabis club, you’re agreeing to be part of a collective of people that self-supplies and consumes cannabis in a controlled manner. Members of cannabis clubs in Spain obey the so-called Closed Circle Doctrine; members must not allow the cannabis they produce to get outside of their closed-circle association of members.

When you’re sponsored for membership at a cannabis club in Barcelona, you’ll agree to the club’s rules – generally common sense stuff – and you’ll “assign” the club the right to grow on your behalf. The inscription process takes about twenty minutes, after which time you’ll be a full-fledged member of the association, and you’ll be granted access to the club’s dispensary.

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But Once You Are a Member, What Can You Expect to Find Inside the Club?

Who are the People – Knowing Your Fellow Members or “Socios”

If you’re on this page, then you already know that it’s normal to use cannabis, and there’s nothing wrong with it whatsoever.  That means you probably also know that you’ll find people from all walks of life inside of Barcelona’s private social clubs.  From veteran cannasseurs to cancer patients to students seeking a study aid to construction workers looking to unwind at the end of the day, lots of different people use cannabis for lots of different reasons.  This is reflected in the large and varied body of members found at most coffeeshops in Barcelona, where you’ll find meaningful relationships with good people if you stick around.

Private cannabis clubs in Spain are non-profit entities led by a 3-person Board of Directors, usually the founders of the club.  These three people are then joined by their friends, and their friend’s friends, and so on, until the club reaches its member cap, if any.  The Board of Directors oversees the process of hiring club staff and managers, working with vendors, city officials, and law enforcement, and supervising the association’s cultivation operations.

Inside the club, you’ll generally see a mix of staff and members, and often, everyone knows everyone else.  Entering your favorite cannabis club should be like coming home.  While there is plenty to do inside the club (see the next section), most of the time, people are gathered together in small groups, talking and enjoying Barcelona marijuana products together.  You won’t see many people glued to their cell phones, acting anti-social.  Instead, you’ll find that nearly everyone is approachable, and friendships are easily formed, even when the parties don’t speak the same language.

What can I do at a coffeeshop in Barcelona?

Barcelona cannabis coffee shops are about so much more than just cannabis.  If hanging out chatting, laughing, and partaking of premium cannabis products with groovy and friendly people isn’t enough for you, there are still plenty more options for you.  Consider a board game like chess, checkers, Risk, or Monopoly.  Gather around a table and play team Spades or Cribbage, or pitch yourself against a dealer in organized games of Poker.

If you’re looking to just get high and zone out, there are movies, psychedelic videos, television shows, music videos and more displayed on multiple screens in nearly every club.  But if you’re not into that, you can head to your club’s bar for wine or beer, including local brews and varieties.  There you’ll also find a range of snacks, and, at some clubs, hot food made to order.  That’s right – you can enjoy a beer or a glass of wine and some food at many cannabis clubs in Barcelona.

Business meetings are a regular occurrence at Barcelona’s weed clubs.  With most of the higher-end clubs offering large tables to work from, ample lighting when required, and free WiFi, it’s easy and convenient to stage a business-related meeting or other collaboration.  If you’re a student, you can make use of the club in the same way, utilizing the large tables and free wireless internet signal to learn and get things done while sampling some of the world’s best marijuana.

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What type of Marijuana Products are available at these Social Clubs?

Coffee shops in Barcelona offer members a rich diversity of cannabis products, including traditional cured flower, aged or long-cure flower, traditional hash, iceolator or bubble hash (also called water hash), wax, shatter, budder, pollen, dry sift, BHO, various oils, tincture, creams, salves, edibles, candies, cannabutter, vape cartridges, jelly hash, rosin, live resin, and more.

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Get a Taste of Cannabis Culture

Here in Barcelona, we have true cannabis culture.  While it’s true that you can meet people, build relationships, play games, relax, work, collaborate, study, enjoy drinks and snacks, and just hang out, there is also a great deal of culture that occurs inside the coffeeshops of Barcelona.  Imagine brilliant magic shows, weird and delightful art shows, exciting and sexy fashion shows, live music, DJs, Karaoke, member talent shows, business focus groups, language classes, cannabis classes, workshops, private dinners and lunches, cannabis tastings, cannabis cup events, harvest parties, birthday parties and other celebrations, and much, much more.

All of this is happening right now inside the private cannabis social clubs of Barcelona.  Do you long for real cannabis culture, instead of the sterile dispensaries of Colorado and California?  Do you want the meaningful relationships of a private social club, instead of the in-and-out faceless scene of Amsterdam’s coffee shops?  If you’re craving cannabis culture, we’ve created it here in Barcelona, and you can be a part of it.

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