Top 7 Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

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Top 7 Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

May 29, 2018 Barcelona Cannabis Clubs 0
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These are the top 7 cannabis clubs in Barcelona as of spring, 2018.  Although we have tried to remain as impartial as possible while compiling this list, there are more than 200 Barcelona cannabis clubs, and we haven’t been to them all – not by a long shot.  But of the many private clubs that we frequent regularly, these 7 have fire-grade product, gorgeous and relaxing environments, and super-cool people.

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#1  Asociacion La Kalada   

LaKalada Barcelona Logo

La Kalada is the top cannabis club in Barcelona when solely considered for product.

LaKalada, or Asociacion La Kalada, is the best Barcelona cannabis club when it comes to the quality of its cannabis products.  From the club’s full-melt sift and hashes to its outrageously good cured flower, it’s tough to beat this club.  La Kalada is in the center of Barcelona, but it’s not anywhere near the tourist insanity of Las Ramblas and Placa Catalunya.  Instead, this club is in a sleepy little part of the city, not far from the beach and Montjuic.  La Kalada is well-known in Barcelona as a host of cannabis cups and tastings, and if you’re a member of this private social club, then you know exactly why these folks are the experts on weed in Barcelona.  Check out a few samples of what we’ve acquired from our member share there:

Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze X GSC at Asociacion La Kalada in Barcelona

It’s a hell of a long name, but this Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze X Girl Scout Cookies is just one example of the fire marijuana being cultivated and sweetly cured by La Kalada.

La Kalada Barcelona - NorCal GSC

In this^^^ NorCal X GSC strain, the preeminent flavor of true Girl Scout Cookies comes out clearly.

Nicole strain from la kalada barcelona

In 2017, Nicole as pictured above was a very popular marijuana strain in Barcelona, and La Kalada had the best version of it

The cool thing about La Kalada is that the cannabis association’s cured flower isn’t even its top product.  What many members come to the club for is La Kalada’s full-melt dry sift and hashes.  Here’s just one example of some full-melt hash we picked up there one day, and it was a great price too (member share):

Full Melt from La Kalada cannabis club Barcelona

Unlike M&M;s, this^^^ hash will definitely melt in your hands; it’s that icky-sticky ooey-gooey with trichomes. If you want to be blown away by full-melt products, Asociacion La Kalada is the first place to go.

#2 Greenardo

Greenardo has it all; superior weed, a chill club, and an actual medical marijuana program for its members.  This club is located out in the Horta neighborhood of Barcelona, so it’s a little more exclusive, despite the fact that the club is packed with beautiful people most of the time.  Greenardo is known for its unique signature strains like Blue Zaffir, and for consistently producing the same strains for years at a time.  Here’s a picture of the front entrance of the club:

The Greenardo Club - One of the Best Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

Greenardo is widely thought of as one of the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona, despite the fact that it’s not your typical “directly in the center of Barcelona” club.

At this private Barcelona social club, members who are medical users can get “certified” by the club’s in-house doctor, which entitles these members to a huge discount on all products, indefinitely.  Here’s a sample of some of the products we’ve collected from the dispensary at Greenardo:

Full melt iceolator from Greenardo cannabis Club in Barcelona

This is full-melt iceolator made by the crew at Greenardo, with a 73 micron filter. This iceolator might appear a little dry, but that’s because Greenardo actually cures their extractions, unlike many other Barcelona marijuana clubs.

Extracts at Greenardo cannabis club in Barcelona

Greenardo is well-known for being one of Barcelona’s best cannabis extracts producers.

#3 NPK

NPK Cannabis Club in Barcelona

NPK private cannabis social club in Barcelona

NPK is a well-established Barcelona cannabis club, but in the last couple of years the club has taken its game to a new level.  Hosting the now world-famous Dabadoo and other incredible 420 events in Barcelona, NPK offers its members some of the hottest cannabis strains and extracts available anywhere in the world.  This club is located outside of the direct center of Barcelona, so it’s a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and chill for a bit.  Check out some of the concentrates we got when we went to Dabadoo last year:

NPK Cannabis club in Barcelona offers a lot of extracts

NPK is becoming more widely known for their expertise in cannabis concentrates, in addition to their already excellent cured flower.

Another really cool thing about NPK club in Barcelona is the fact that it has an enclosed outdoor area – something unique to Barcelona cannabis clubs.  Most clubs are closed-in, and some are even dimly lit, but at NPK you can walk out into a sweet open-sky courtyard area, where you can smoke your joints or vape under the Spanish sun.

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#4 Choko

Choko Cannabis Club in Barcelona

Choko is as much of an art club as it is a cannabis club.

Choko has long been thought of as one of the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona, and it’s one of the few associations in the city that produce their own genetics.  The first strain produced by this club was named Choko, which was followed by other strains based on this key signature strain, such as Yuzu, and Tao Pai Pai.  Here are a couple of examples of cannabis that we collected from the dispensary at Club Choko:

Choko cannabis club signature strain - Choko

This^^^ is Choko’s most famous strain, also called Choko. This marijuana strain is based on genetics that the President of the club helped to create by traveling to India and Nepal to find landrace strains to base the club’s genetics program on.

Sour Diesel strain from Choko cannabis social club in Barcelona

This^^^ is the Sour Diesel strain, a product that Choko has quite often. This well-cured example was some of the best Sour Diesel we’ve ever tried.

Choko is also an art club, regularly hosting exclusive, weird, and awesome art shows and other artist-inspired events, in addition to cannabis-industry events like Spannabis after-parties, and closed private parties for industry bigwigs.  Often, you’ll see cannabis industry players hanging out at Choko, puffin’ on some of the club’s excellent extracts and concentrates, like this that we picked up recently from the club:

73 Iceolator at Choko Cannabis club Barcelona

This^^^ is iceolator or water hash filtered at 73 microns, so it’s full-melt. This was made from one of Choko’s most-loved strains of 2017, Girl Scout Cookies.

#5 HQ

HQ Barcelona has built its reputation as one of the most exclusive cannabis clubs in Barcelona.  In fact, at one point the club even closed to new members for some time.  Today, HQ is known as one of the best producers of Rosin in Spain, with multiple Rosin presses located inside the club for member use.

HQ Barcelona Rosin Extract

HQ takes the production of Rosin seriously, and has won numerous awards for its Rosin at cannabis cups and 420 events in Spain.

HQ is one of the biggest Barcelona cannabis clubs, located in a swanky upscale part of the city called Eixample.  HQ is full of people on most nights, packed with an interesting mix of members ranging from dedicated Armenian billiards players, to hip-hop lovers, fashionistas, and hardcore cannabis extracts lovers.  If you want an extract or concentrate, HQ has got you covered; check out what we picked up there at the member dispensary on a couple of different visits:

Moonrocks from HQ Barcelona

HQ is one of the few Barcelona cannabis clubs tha offers Moonrocks, and these^^^ in particular were out of this world!

Mixed bubble hash from HQ Barcelona

The crew at HQ produces some bomb iceolator AKA bubble hash AKA water hash. This^^^ little glass jar held a mix of iceolators.

HQ also produces excellent Barcelona cannabis products, and generally has strains and varieties available that you won’t find at any other smoking clubs in the city. Check out this damn tasty nug we picked up from HQ:

Incredible cured marijuana from HQ private cannabis club Barcelona

HQ knows how to serve up some of the finest cured cannabis flower in Barcelona, and has some pretty unique strains that will make just about any cannabis connoisseur happy.

#6 StrainHunters

StrainHunters BCN front desk in Barcelona

The StrainHunter’s cannabis club in Barcelona is operated by the same group of guys who brought us the StrainHunters documentary series, where Arjan and Franco from GreenHouse Seeds traveled the world looking for landrace cannabis.

StrainHunters cannabis club in Barcelona is based on the popular Youtube documentary series of the same name.  Arjan Roskam and Franco Loja from GreenHouse Seeds and GreenHouse Coffee Shop in Amsterdam are the minds behind this uniquely-designed club.  These design features include liberal use of copper piping for fixtures throughout the club, and a massive throne for whenever Arjan, the self-dubbed “King of Cannabis,” is in town.

Main room at StrainHunters cannabis club in Barcelona

The interior of StrainHunters BCN is unlike that of any other Barcelona cannabis club. Located directly at the end of lower part of Las Ramblas, near the Columbus monument, this club has everything a stoner could want

Because StrainHunters is operated by the same crew as Green House Seeds, you can expect to find some of the best Super Lemon Haze and Super Silver Haze in Barcelona at this club.  You can also get your hands on some yummy medibles, or, like we did as exampled in the photograph below, a little bit of both SSH and some canna-chocolates:

Medibles and Super Silver Haze from Strainhunters BCN

StrainHunters is one of the top cannabis clubs in Barcelona, with consistent signature strains like Super Silver Haze, and regular goodies like these cannabis-infused chocolates.

StrainHunters BCN also makes its own cannabis extracts and concentrates, like this 73 micron bubble hash that we picked up from the club’s dispensary:

73 micron water hash from Strainhunters social club in Barcelona

Lemon Haze iceolator from StrainHunters BCN

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#7 The Plug

The Plug BCN logo

In the last 2 years, The Plug has become one of the most popular cannabis clubs in Barcelona.

The Plug is almost always full of cool people when it’s open, mainly because the cannabis products, atmosphere, and members all come from high-quality “roots.”  The Plug also has a coffee shop in Amsterdam, where it enjoys a reputation as one of the best shops in the city.  In Barcelona, The Plug followed essentially the same recipe – right down to the marijuana menu – and clearly, this is a recipe for success, because The Plug BCN is swiftly becoming a leader in the city.  Check out the stock below, then click this link to learn about the average price of weed in Barcelona:

Cannabis Products Selection at The Plug BCN

Still the best way to store cured cannabis flower, The Plug BCN displays their wares the old-school way, in glass jars. Image credit to ThePlugBCN on Instagram.

Whenever there’s a cannabis cup or 420 event like Spannabis going on, you’ll be hearing about The Plug BCN; mostly because of the awards they’ll win, but also because of the awesome events the club hosts.  More and more of these events are dedicated to cannabis extracts and concentrates, of which The Plug produces clear winners like this:

Strawberry Haze Crystal Cluster from The Plug BCN

These are Strawberry Haze crystals, one of the many extracts offered to members of The Plug BCN. Image credit to _bhosslady_ and theplugbcn on Instagram.

While the preceding 7 Barcelona social clubs are the ones we consider to be the best in the capital of Catalunya, here are a few Honorable Mentions:

  • Weeds BCN – Super weed, super deals
  • LaMente – Dutch-influenced
  • Dr. Dou – Swanky, old-school style
  • Circulo – One of the most “social” clubs in Barcelona
  • Zanzi – Absolutely stunning club, top weed
  • Blue Wave – Nice place near the beach
  • Tresor – Premium cannabis, near Placa Catalunya

And now, we’d like to hear from you; using the comments section below, tell us what YOU think are the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona.  Need a membership?  Click to join us now:

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