Joining a Coffeeshop in Barcelona

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Joining a Coffeeshop in Barcelona

June 4, 2018 Barcelona Cannabis Clubs 0
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If you’ve been sponsored for membership at a coffeeshop in Barcelona, congratulations! But now you’re wondering what happens next? No problem! This article details the exact steps and procedures you’ll go through to join a private Barcelona cannabis club.

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Getting to the Club

Most of the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona are located directly in the center or “Ciutat vella” district of the city. Because this part of the city can be a little confusing, especially to newcomers, it’s important to plan your route carefully. Marijuana clubs in Barcelona generally offer new member inscriptions by appointment only, so if you arrive late, you might have to come back another day.

Where Most Barcelona Social Clubs Are - Ciutat Vella

This is the central part of Barcelona, where most cannabis social clubs are located.

Know the address and approximate route; do not assume that taxi drivers will know the location; often, they get it wrong, or, worse, they deliberately take the passenger far out of the way. If this happens, you can quickly say “donde va?” and then be assertive. You can’t do that if you don’t know where you’re going.

Remember that you will essentially be in a square; the top part of the square is Gran Via les Cortes Catalanes, the right side is Passeig Picasso, the left side is Las Ramblas, and the bottom side is Colom and Marques de l’Argentera. If you’ve found a cannabis association outside of Ciutat Vella, but still within Barcelona, then it will probably be easy to find the club.

Private Entrance

Unless the club is courting trouble with neighbors or the police, you’ll find that the entrance is quite discreet. Most of Barcelona’s cannabis clubs have no markings or identifying features on the doors; typically, frosted glass or privacy doors greet you, although the street and building number will usually be clearly displayed, so you know you’re at the right place.

Marked entrance to Choko cannabis club in Barcelona

Choko cannabis club in Barcelona is one of the few marijuana associations that clearly marks its entrance.

We’ve never been to a club that didn’t have a buzzer system, and most associations couple this with a camera. Ring the buzzer and wait until you hear the beep, click, or other electronic sound that indicates the door lock has been released from the inside.

Enter the club quietly and inconspicuously, and then leave the same way.

Identity Cards Must be Present for All Barcelona cannabis club members

From the time of your inscription, you will need your identity card every time you want to enter the club.

Verification of Identity

To join a cannabis club in Barcelona, you need a sponsor, and usually, the sponsor will need to present you in person to the club. In some cases, you can be sponsored remotely by Ambassador members, or members who cannot be present under extenuating circumstances (not in the country, having a baby, handicapped, etc.). So, if you are with your sponsor, they’ll make the introduction and do much of the initial talking for you. If you’re being sponsored remotely, you must tell the reception staff that you have a sponsor and an inscription appointment.

Need A Sponsor?

Staff will immediately ask for your government-issued, photograph identification card. This can be any identification, as long as it is at least partially written in English or Spanish so that club staff can read and understand it, and it must be valid; no expired IDs can be used. You can use a passport, driver’s license, identity card, visa, and, at some clubs, student ID. You will not be permitted to inscribe as a member or enter the club without proper identification, so make sure you always have it – once you are a member at a Barcelona cannabis club, you still need to have this present every time you go to the club.

Membership Fee Image for What Happens When you Join a BCN Cannabis Club

Nearly all cannabis clubs in Barcelona collect a yearly membership fee from their members.

Payment of Membership Fee

Most private weed clubs in Barcelona charge a yearly membership fee ranging from 10 Euro for the more Bohemian and threadbare clubs, to 100 Euro or more for the top, exclusive clubs. The average fee is 30-40 Euro. As far as we know, there aren’t any cannabis clubs in Barcelona that do not charge a membership fee, and you can’t ask to have the fee waived or reduced.

Many clubs require that the membership fee is paid in cash, but some will allow you to use a debit or credit card. When you inscribe at a new club, always have cash present in case the club requires it.

The membership fee entitles you to go to the club and make use of its facilities at any time during regular open-hours. The membership fee does not entitle you to any cannabis products; those must be acquired separately in the dispensary, for set member-share amounts.  Click here to learn about the average price of weed in Barcelona.

Introduction of Association

One you’ve provided your ID and paid the membership fee, the staff will introduce themselves and the club in general. It’s best to just listen here.

Rules for Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

The rules will be explained to you during your inscription, but mostly each rule is just common sense.

Dissemination of Rules

Next, the rules of the Association will be explained to you. These usually include things like “no other drugs allowed,” “no minors permitted,” “no photographs of videos inside the club,” and other rules that are, for the most part, common sense.

In many cases, the cannabis club that you’re joining will have you sign a form indicating that you understand and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Association. This form is private and is not available to anyone except under court order, and even then, it’s unlikely to be released…

Assign growing rights to your Barcelona Cannabis club

Members of weed clubs in Barcelona assign their club the “rights” or permission to grow cannabis on their behalf.

Assignment of Cultivation Rights

Because Barcelona’s cannabis clubs are true collectives, you’ll assign the club the rights or permissions to cultivate and produce marijuana and related products for you. Most clubs limit the total number of grams you can acquire each month, and most also set a daily limit. In general, the daily limit is 5 grams, and the monthly limit is up to 90.

You assign these rights by filling out a form indicating how many “grams” of product you will require each month – usually this is the same form that details the Association’s rules and regulations.

Click here to learn more about the legality of marijuana in Barcelona.

Production of Membership Card and Account

After signing the membership application and agreement, the staff will enter your details into a private computer system, and then produce your membership card. At many clubs, this membership card will also be used like a credit card; you’ll load cash onto it at the reception area, and then use the card inside the club at the dispensary and bar area. However, some clubs do not use this system, some use different systems, and some use cash-only systems. It’s also possible that your membership card could be nothing more than a piece of paper – in these cases, buyer beware!

Once you are a member of a cannabis club in Barcelona, you must have your membership card with you when you are inside the club; no exceptions are made in this regard. After all, if police inspect the club and find people inside who do not have membership cards, they might try to argue that the place is being operated as a “public” facility, in which case there are no protections under the Spanish Constitution.

Tour of Barcelona Cannabis Club once inside

At most cannabis clubs in Barna, you’ll be provided with a short tour that explains each area of the club and its use.

Tour of the Club

With your membership card ready, you’ll be provided with a tour of the club. Staff will explain each area of the club and the rules for each, paying special attention to areas for the disabled, and of course, the dispensary. Not all clubs will give you this tour; some just sort of turn you loose and let you figure it out on your own. But the best Barcelona social clubs will give you a polite, if abbreviated, tour.

Use of the Dispensary

Some of Barcelona’s smoking clubs require a waiting period between the time you first become a member, and the time you can use the dispensary and acquire products. This period can range anywhere from a few days, to 2 weeks or more. Fortunately, most cannabis social clubs in Barcelona do not have this requirement, and those that do will often waive it in exceptional cases; especially for medical users.  Read this: Can Tourists Buy Weed in Barcelona?

Use the Dispensary at your Barcelona Smokers Club

Once you become a member at a Barcelona social club, you can expect to acquire marijuana like this – but only if you know which clubs to join!


While each marijuana association is unique, the preceding is generally what you can expect when you join a coffeeshop in Barcelona. Have you had a different experience than what’s been discussed here? We publish comments below:

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