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¡Hola, buenas!

We live, work, and play in Barcelona. As members of numerous Barcelona social clubs, we know that the people in our club is determined by us as a collective. This means that we can control the type of cannabis club that we have by controlling who we want to associate with. This is why we want to know a little bit about you before we agree to sponsor you at one of our private Barcelona coffeeshops. If you’re ass, we don’t want you here; it’s that simple.

But if you’re like us, and you’re looking for a nice place to work or just hang out while safely enjoying clean and potent cannabis products, then we’ve already got something in common!

Because we believe that all responsible adults should have safe access to cannabis, we’re passionate about connecting people to social clubs so that we can all share in this rewarding and exciting cannabis culture. But this means that, ultimately, we’re just members like you. We do not represent the cannabis clubs of Barcelona; we are only members, or socios, as we’re called in Catalunya.

But as members, we determine how our club grows, and who grows with it. That’s why we’ve created this page and service – to take an active role in building the cannabis communities where we work and socialize. We don’t work for the clubs, and we don’t charge anything for our services. We’re community-building, and it’s worth the effort.

If you want to take part in this fascinating and enriching cannabis culture, we want to hear from you:

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